Very Important Pet Parent Spotlight

VIPP BJ Rementer, Selkie, Gypsy & Button

As a retired combat trauma nurse, each day and each moment with Selkie, Gypsy and Button is a gift to BJ!

VIPP Jocelynn Becksmith & Finn

It has been a privilege and a joy to watch Finn grow up! He’s got a big heart just like his mom and we look forward to our afternoon walks with him while she’s hard at work.

VIPP Joseph Dunbar, Lydia & Willow

We’re so glad Joseph made his way up to Jacksonville from St. Augustine with his two precious girls. We love spending time with Lydia and Willow week to week and one of these days we’re hoping Joseph will invite us over for one of their weekend brunch fests! This guy can cook!

VIPP Logan Ring & Titan

Logan and Titan found each other on Valentine’s Day, so we thought this would be the perfect time to introduce them to you! Titan wraps a lot of love, joy, wiggles and snuggles into one tiny package. We hope his and Logan’s story warms your heart as much as it did ours!

VIPP Lauri Ott, Moo, Sancho, Napoleon and Esteria

Lauri and Stephen have the biggest hearts and through their compassion and love, have helped transform the lives of each of their 4 rescues. Their story is a beautiful reminder of the gifts that can come when we learn to forgive, accept, and love.

VIPP Meg Rose & Molly

Molly came into Meg’s life at just the right time and helped bring companionship and joy into her life during the isolation of the pandemic. Molly also loves to get out and play; so we too are grateful when we get to share in Molly’s company during our off leash pack adventures!

VIPP Lynn Reitz, Henry & Gus

Recovering from knee surgery takes courage, patience, and a positive attitude. No one knows this better than Lynn and we were so grateful to be there for her while she recovered to help take Henry out each morning for some much needed exercise and playtime with his beach buddies. It takes a village sometimes!

VIPP Daina Finn, Joker & Oswald

Daina and her husband both work hard; and we love that our service gives them the peace of mind they need to steal away for some well-deserved getaways so we can get some playtime in too with sweet Joker and Oswald!

VIPP Natalie Palmer & Bugsy

Bugsy sure knows how to pack a LOT of personality into a little body. He is one happy boy and loves to share his joy through his sugar kisses. He couldn’t have picked a better family to live out his best life and we couldn’t ask for a kinder or more friendly addition to our Off Leash Adventure Pack.

VIPP Melissa Weaver & Jax

It is hard to get any more precious than Jax. She definitely gets her sweetness from Melissa and her family!

VIPP Ann Evans & Dutch

It often does take a village with a new puppy! We are so grateful to be able to be there for Ann and Dutch and have loved watching him grow up!

VIPP Dora Syin, Sophie, Kokushou & Pearl

We’re so glad Dora made the trek from Baltimore to Jacksonville and we’re grateful for all she does for our community through Mayo Clinic. We just love stepping in for her on the days when she can’t step out from work to walk Sophie and Kokushou and give Pearl her pets. Dora’s sweet fur family always puts the sunshine in our days and we’re sure their story is going to do the same for you.

VIPP Chris Stone & Ruka

Ruka and Chris were meant to be and it’s all because of family, faith, and the will to persevere in search for that perfect match.

VIPP Susan and David Darch & Sadie Mae

Sadie had Susan and David at ‘Hello!’ Their relationship defines what it means to love unconditionally and to remain strong!

VIPP Robin Wahby & Bear

Bear is hands down our beaches best and cutest receptionist at Wahby Financial. And with all the long office hours he puts in, our off leash pack adventures to the beach and park are a welcome break for both Bear and Robin. However, we’re not so sure their clients agree!

VIPP Dawn and Scott Rogers, Dexter & Maverick

Dawn and Scott live and breathe what it means to be faith-filled and to love unconditionally. They’ve stepped up for their son who is stepping up for us overseas and they’re helping his greyhound mix ‘Dexter’ live his best life!

VIPP Jessica & Zack Lewis, Blue & Pooka

Opposites DO attract and we couldn’t be happier that Jessica and Zack brought these two together! Blue + Pooka = Pure JOY!

VIPP Kristina Lankry, Maddie, Henry & Asher

The biggest hearts sometimes come in the smallest packages. Meet the Lankry Family and their precious pups who brighten our days and lighten our steps!

VIPP Carey and Patrick Johnson & Blue

Blue is our big KY Wildcat fan who loves the water and his Off Leash Adventures with 9 to 5 Pets. He’s a snuggle bug with a larger than life personality and blessed by the love of the Johnson Family.

VIPP Terri Florio, Jethro, Star & Whitney

Terri and her son keep stepping up for local animals in need. And the love and friendship in their home keeps growing!

VIPP Bill & Vonda Palmer, Koda, Bruce, Clarence, Charlie, Lily & Rosie

Have you ever gone out for pet supplies and come home with a pet instead? Bill and Vonda know this all too well!

VIPP Karey Cooper, Boo & Dandy Lion

It’s not always easy with 2 cats. With Karey’s love, creativity, and patience, Boo and Dandy are living their best lives!

VIPP Cameo Shane, Roni, Jamison & Annie

Cameo is happy to be back home again with her 3 precious pups who bring us JOY and sunshine each day!

VIPP Karla Porcase & Kitty

Karla and Kitty’s story is a beautiful testimony to the power of love, positive reinforcement, and prayer!

VIPP Suzan Lopman, Bella & Nikki

For anyone who thinks cats don’t have character, Bella & Nikki will make you think twice!

VIPP Scott Felts, Reggie, Raymond & Baby

Scott’s story is a testimony to the lives we can save and change when we rescue animals in need.

VIPP Meghan & Jamie Puckett, London & October

Meghan & Jamie’s story reflects on the special ties that bind us and the power of new beginnings.

VIPP Aline Lopes & Moby

Aline reminds us to slow down, relax, and enjoy what limited time we have together with our pets.

VIPP Shannon Smith, Stella & Sansa

From greyhounds to pit bulls, Shannon reminds us of the JOY we give and receive when we adopt.

VIPP Bernadette R Daniels & Jett

9 to 5 Pets Very Important Pet Parent Spotlight

VIPP Angie Smith & Aria Skye

9 to 5 Pets Very Important Pet Parent Spotlight

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