15 Jun

Very Important Pet Parent Spotlight

BJ Rementer, Selkie, Gypsy & Button

Gypsy and Selkie walking out to the beachWhat brought you to Florida?
My dogs, cat and I arrived in FL in 2012 after my retirement as a combat trauma nurse. I have enjoyed the ability to take the dogs to the beach but not nearly as much as they have enjoyed the experience. I have new dogs now who are just as enthusiastic about their beach time. It’s a great way for us to exercise together.

Have you always had pets?

JamiePlease introduce us to your Fur Family. How did you meet and become FURever companions?
I am owned by Selkie, a rescued Irish setter who is 7 yrs old and by Gypsy, a rescued snoodle from K9s for warriors who is 7 yrs old. I lost Jamie, my previous Irish setter to cancer and spent months finding another rescue. Selkie is my 15th rescued Irish. I also have Button, a 16 year old rescued maine coon cat who watches TV with me every night.

Button Hiding in ClosetWhat do you love most about your pets?
Gypsy is obsessed with toys and tennis balls. As long as she has something in her mouth she is happy. She likes to lay on her back and roll a ball around in her paws like an otter with an abalone. Selkie is my surfer girl- happiest running in the surf. Button is unknown to my friends as he hides whenever someone comes.

How has 9 to 5 Pets made your life easier? What do your pets enjoy the most from our service?
I cannot say enough about 9 to 5 Pets. They always rescue me when I have emergencies. They were there for me when my husband died, when my brother died and when my health required the dogs be taken care of. I know the animals will be fine in their care.

Selkie riding in the golf cartWhat are your favorite activities you share with your pets?
Walking on the beach and going for golf cart rides (I bought it for them).

Share a fond memory with your pets:
Any day with them is a fond memory.

What life lessons have you learned from your pets?
Patience and love

If you had to wear a T-Shirt with one word on it for a year, what word would you choose?

Gypsy running with ball on beachIf you could instantly become an expert in something what would it be?
Computers- my veterans used to tell me I am electronically impaired- they were right.

What is the best gift anyone has ever given to you?
A horse

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