20 Mar

Very Important Pet Parent Spotlight

Suzan Lopman, Bella & Nikki

What brought you to Florida?
Originally from NY, we lived in Orlando for many years and have always wanted to move back to Florida. When my husband retired 2 years ago, we had the opportunity to move back here to Ponte Vedra Beach.

Have you always had pets?
Yes, grew up with a dog, then cats after I got married

Please introduce us to your Fur Family. How did you meet and become FURever companions?
Bella, age 13, is a domestic shorthair. We got her from our vet in NJ who used to foster and adopt out kittens. Bella is a little princess and a very sweet girl.

I got Nikki from a shelter in CT four years ago when she was about a year old. They said she came from a home with 27 cats! She is very mellow and very smart. Our vet calls her a dog-cat.

Bella HidingWhat do you love most about your pet?
I just love having them around. They both like to be with us. Bella has become more of a lap-cat as she is getting older. Nikki is super mellow and very smart. She has always loved looking out the window and is really enjoying the wildlife here. Nikki can be shy with strangers and she sometimes tucks herself under a chair cover thinking no one can see her.

How has 9 to 5 Pets made your life easier? What do your pets enjoy the most from our service?
Not knowing many people when we moved here, I called 9 to 5 Pets and have been so happy with their services. Jennifer and Louanne made a house visit to acquaint me with their service and procedures and to meet the cats. I love how reliable they are and especially enjoy getting daily updates and pictures when they are there. The cats enjoy the attention, brushing and the treats!

What are your favorite activities you share with your pet?
We just hang together a lot. They love sitting on the couch with us.

Share a fond memory with your pet:
When I first got Nikki she actually used to do stretching exercises with me.

What life lessons have you learned from your Fur Family?
Unconditional love

If you had to wear a T-Shirt with one word on it for a year, what word would you choose?

If you could instantly become an expert in something what would it be?

What is the best gift anyone has ever given to you?
My grandmother’s diamond for my engagement ring.

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