08 Apr

Very Important Pet Parent Spotlight

Karla Porcase & Kitty

What brought you to Florida?
The Navy brought myself and my husband, Dr. Porcase, to Florida. In 1977 my husband received orders to Mayport Naval Station to be a physician in the clinic. After serving in the military and loving living in Florida so much my husband went into private practice in Jacksonville and we decided this would be home.

Have you always had pets?
Yes. Always had Labrador Retrievers.

Please introduce us to your Fur Family. How did you meet and become FURever companions?
Kitty is an almost 16 y/o Chocolate Labrador Retriever. She is so beautiful, smart and
sweet!!! We met from a person who came to my husband’s office and said they were moving and wanted to know if we would like to have Kitty knowing how much we love labs. After meeting and seeing Kitty we loved her immediately!

What do you love most about your pet?
I love how happy and sweet she is!! Always, wagging her tail! The funniest quirk Kitty has is
that she never barks.

How has 9 to 5 Pets made your life easier? What do your pets enjoy the most from our service?
9 to 5 Pets has made my life easier by having the comfort and confidence that Kitty will receive excellent care while I am away! I know she is receiving lots of love and attention! Kitty enjoys all the pampering and visits from her special friend!

What are your favorite activities you share with your pet?
Our favorite activities are bird watching, gardening and sun bathing. Kitty just loves
to lay in the grass and observe.

Share a fond memory with your pet:
Three years ago when Kitty was almost 13 years old and in good health for her age she just stopped walking. She laid down and wouldn’t get up. Everyone thought it was old age and that I should let her go. I didn’t give up on her and decided to care for her as if she had a permanent disability. I made a special bed for her in our spa/porch room next to our bedroom. I made a sling with a towel and would move her out onto the patio for some fresh air and sunshine and also to give her a “poolside bath”.

Kitty was very alert and aware of everything! She listened so intensely when I talked to her and she had a good appetite. Well, we were planning to sell our home and move to our condo in Nocatee in a year. Time went by, and there was no change with Kitty. I talked to her every day and said that we were moving and she needed to be able to walk in order to go with us! I told her she could do it and that I loved her! I would say “I know you want to” and “you can” and “I don’t want to move without you!” I know Kitty understood everything I was saying as she looked right into my eyes.

Months went by and there was no change in Kitty being able to walk. I continued with all her care, talking to her, begging her to please walk, and encouraging her! I told her I needed and loved her so much! She received all the hugs, kisses, and pampering I had to give.

Well, time grew closer to our move and I refused to give up! Then, one morning I was doing last minute packing in our room and I heard the pitter patter of feet walking on the Spa room floor! I ran into the room and Kitty was standing up walking around! I was so happy I ran to her and hugged her so tight. I gave her kisses and told her “I knew you could do it and wanted to go with us!”

Prayers were answered and a miracle happened! We have been given almost 2 more years with Kitty since then and we thank God every day!

What life lessons have you learned from your Fur Family?
That the love and kindness you give away will return to you in many, many more ways!

If you had to wear a T-Shirt with one word on it for a year, what word would you choose?

If you could instantly become an expert in something what would it be?

What is the best gift anyone has ever given to you?
The best gift ever given to me was a Z3 BMW convertible from my husband!

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