16 Apr

Very Important Pet Parent Spotlight

Dora Syin, Sophie, Kokushou & Pearl

Kokushou Sophie & Pearl on Dora's LapWhat brought you to Florida?
I moved from Baltimore to Jacksonville for work a couple years ago. I’m a physician at Mayo Clinic Florida, and love what I do. There are many things I miss about home, but Florida’s weather and wildlife are pretty amazing, and I love how outdoor living is so integrated here. I’m not sure I could ever move back somewhere with real winters.

Have you always had pets?
No pets growing up, and consequently went a little crazy as an adult, with 2 dogs + 1 cat now.

Please introduce us to your Fur Family. How did you meet and become FURever companions?
Sophie, 14 years old, Shiba Inu. Kokushou, 12 years old, Shiba Inu. Pearl, 6 years old, Domestic shorthair. Sophie and Kokushou are retired show dogs who came from the same breeder. I adopted Sophie first 10 years ago, then Kokushou a couple years later to keep her company. Pearl was an impulse adoption from the local humane society after moving to Florida.

Kokushou Sophie & Pearl on stairsWhat do you love most about your pets?
They each have such strong and different personalities, and they crack me up constantly. Sophie is smart, sassy, stubborn, and the undisputed boss. She’s grumpy, lazy, loves food, hates exercise, and god help anyone who tries to make her do something she doesn’t want to do. Kokushou is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but super sweet, happy, easygoing. He’s a Stage 5 clinger who never really knows what’s going on but just wants to be near people at all times. Pearl is the most dog-like cat I’ve ever met, and super cuddly and affectionate. She’s very tolerant, totally unfazed by the dogs, and demands to be included in anything they’re doing.

How has 9 to 5 Pets made your life easier? What do your pets enjoy the most from our service?
I use 9 to 5 Pets for my dogs’ afternoon walks when I’m working. It’s so reassuring to know that they’re in good hands when I can’t be home. They’ve been caring, consistent, reliable, and great communicators. I know my dogs enjoy the visits, and I always appreciate the updates and pictures.

Kokushou Sophie & Pearl BeggingWhat are your favorite activities you share with your pets?
Honestly, we’re all couch potatoes. We enjoy going for walks/hikes, but more often are content to just relax at home. Postcall napping is a group activity. Snacks are highly popular. It’s impossible to sneak anything or eat alone at my house.

Share a fond memory with your pets:
Every attempt I’ve ever made to get them into clothes – Halloween costumes, Christmas sweaters, birthday gear, pajamas, socks/shoes. I shouldn’t laugh as hard as I do, but their absolute disgust and indignation is tangible.

Kokushou Sophie & Pearl in KitchenWhat life lessons have you learned from your pets?
To be present and enjoy the moment. To appreciate what I have. To not take things too seriously, and to find humor in unexpected situations.

If you had to wear a T-Shirt with one word on it for a year, what word would you choose?

If you could instantly become an expert in something what would it be?
Financial planning

What is the best gift anyone has ever given to you?
My education

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