18 Jun

Very Important Pet Parent Spotlight

Melissa Weaver & Jax

What brought you to Florida?
Four years ago we moved to Ponte Vedra Beach for both work and family life! My husband started a new job and we were looking for a family friendly area to raise our son.

Please introduce us to your Fur Family. How did you meet and become FURever companions?
Jax – age 4
We purchased Jax from a breeder in South Georgia

What do you love most about your pet?
She loves everyone and I mean everyone! She is friendly and lives life to the fullest.

How has 9 to 5 Pets made your life easier? What does your pet enjoy the most from our service?
9 to 5 Pets has allowed us to be away and not worry. Jax is a member of our family and when we are away we want to ensure she is loved and well cared for. The entire team makes us feel comfortable.

What are your favorite activities you share with your pet?
Long walks 🙂
She loves chasing our 8 year old son when he rides his bike.

Share a fond memory with your pet:
Jax loves our family farm. She enjoys being outside and cuddles. We love taking her to the farm with us.

What life lessons have you learned from your pet?
Love unconditionally
Play everyday
Live in the moment

If you had to wear a T-Shirt with one word on it for a year, what word would you choose?

If you could instantly become an expert in something what would it be?

What is the best gift anyone has ever given to you?
Our son – he is our greatest accomplishment

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