17 Oct

Contributed by Kathy Conowall, 9 to 5 Pets

Dog Looking Out WindowBefore Santa’s list in December is your next to-do, and thoughts of a vacation or adventure out-of-town wanders through your mind, let’s ponder some planning. To the point, should professional pet services or a neighbor, friend, or maybe a relative be the best decision?

Uppermost on my list of preferred professional services, and hopefully yours, is 9 to 5 Pets. Allow me to list some persuasive considerations:

Pet ParentShould you build a contract, OR make a most considerate appeal to that neighbor, friend or relative? In spite of everyone’s best intentions, a sound contract with all the boxes checked will most certainly put your mind at rest and allow you to think of all the things that need to be packed for your getaway. Don’t give it a second thought.

Are you looking for custom-fit care, OR the availability of your neighbor, friend, or relative? Your professional pet sitter has no doubt become a critical partner in caring for your pet on a daily, weekly, or occasional basis. A relationship has grown that strives to be seamless with what you would be doing to love and care for your pet as if you were there yourself. This is so settling and complete.

Listening DogWould you feel more comfortable with the ability to fully qualify your pet sitter in advance, OR have a courteous conversation with your neighbor, friend or relative that you hope conveys the depth of your love for this member of your family? Without apology, a written list of pre-qualifying questions would be the approach with a professional pet sitter; endlessly exhaust your personal queries and leave no stone unturned. On the other hand, you might not ever want to overwhelm a neighbor, friend, or relative.

Do you feel more safe with an insured, bonded, and trained professional, OR the sincerest wishes of your neighbor, friend, or relative? It cannot be understated that things happen entirely out of everyone’s control and can turn things upside down when all we desire is right side up.

Dog In A HangerAre you most likely to feel at ease with an accessible, detailed, timely report on your smartphone, OR a text message and/or phone call from that neighbor, friend, or relative? The application that powers up 9 to 5 Pets is so thorough you might think you were there with your pet sitter. Notes on a paper, or even a phone call can’t compare to what our eyes can see on a screen and our hearts can linger over.

What happens when emergencies or unexpected turns occur? Is your neighbor, friend, or relative prepared to respond with a clear-minded protocol OR might the situation become one of fear and anxiety? Best practices for bites, scratches, infections, or illnesses can be technical. Your professional sitter has certification and online training to put into action like a light switch. There’s a heap of trust in this skill set.

Wary DogWould you like to depart knowing with certainty when and for how long your Precious Pet is going to be visited, OR rely on a verbal promise that may or may not fit into other important things going on for your neighbor, friend, or relative? When it’s time to give your Fur Family Member a hug goodbye, you will have FULL knowledge of exactly when and for how long they will be looked after each and every day. This is your professional caretaker’s ONLY job.

Cat on PorchOrganize NOW to prepare for November and December getaways. Allow 9 to 5 Pets all the available space and flexibility in their calendar to give you complete confidence that your time away is entirely free to believe, see, and undertake. Let them be able to assign to you your preferred caretaker. Secure your accommodation right here and now; increases in demand and decreases in availability are sure to disappoint both you and 9 to 5 Pets. They, and more importantly YOU will be so thankful for the advance gift exchange.

Happy holiday planning everyone!

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