Dog Walking

Available 7 Days a Week

Does your pooch need some relief and exercise while you’re at work or away for the day? Even if you’re at home and just in need of a helping hand, we’ll be there to walk your dog, throw the ball for them in the yard, or give them some well-deserved love and attention. It’s your choice! This is also the perfect service if you are working from home and needing some peace and quiet from your pup so you can focus on getting a project done or hosting a meeting without interruptions.

Choose the service window and duration of time that’s best for your pup and we’ll take care of the rest! And for those who want to keep their dogs on a routine, services can be automatically renewed each week for your convenience.

Service Windows:

  • Morning: 7am-9am
  • Mid-Day: 11am-3pm | We can accommodate the earlier or later side of our mid-day window depending on your needs.
  • Evening: 4pm-6pm
  • Late Evening: 7pm-9pm

Need a specific time? No problem! Just add $5 to your visit price.

Service Durations:

  • 15 Minute Visit | $20 | Great for puppies in training or our senior friends.
  • 30 Minute Visit | $27 | Perfect for active dogs and energetic puppies. A great second visit for puppies in training.
  • 45 Minute Visit | $38 | Recommended for high energy dogs who need exercise and just a bit more time out and about.
  • 60 Minute Visit | $46 | Just right for frisky dogs who need lots of exercise and attention.

If your dog is social and energetic, has a bad case of the stir-crazies, and needs to get out of the house for longer than an hour, then our Half-Day Off Leash Pack Adventure to the beach or local dog park might be the perfect alternative!

Each Visit Includes:

  • 2 Pets ($5 per additional pet)
  • Real time update: Notes, pictures, report card, GPS and time tracking data will be sent to you after each visit.
  • Potty break
  • Walk (unless playtime in the backyard is preferred)
  • Playtime and TLC
  • Feeding and fresh water (bowls washed)
  • Medication administration and/or supplements
  • Daily wellness check
  • Home area inspection
  • Parcel retrieval

    Become a New Client!

    Call us at (904) 655-4700 or fill out our 'Contact' form today and we'll be in touch to help you get registered with our service and welcome you into our 9 to 5 Pets family!

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