Off Leash Pack Adventure

$48 | Beach Or Dog Park | Monday Through Friday | 1-4pm

If your pup’s got energy to burn and is looking for new scenery, new smells, new friends to socialize with, and wide-open spaces to run free and be a dog, then our off leash pack adventure to the beach or local dog park is the perfect solution! These excursions run Monday through Friday between the hours of 1pm and 4pm and allow for up to 3 dogs per teammate. We’ll pick your dog up, take them to the beach or local park to exercise, swim, play, and socialize with the rest of our pack, then return them home happy, tired, and ready to relax with you for the rest of the evening. And if your pup needs more than a rinse down and towel dry after the beach or park, then our basic dog wash service will help ensure they’re clean, fresh, and extra ready for your love when you return!

Service Window:

1-4pm Monday through Friday

Our off leash adventure window allows for pick up and drop off time for up to 3 dogs and a minimum of an hour and a half of playtime and socialization at the beach or park.

Our Off Leash Pack Adventure Includes:

  • 1 Dog ($24 per additional dog)
  • Real time update: Notes, pictures, report card, GPS and time tracking data will be sent to you after each visit.
  • Pick up and drop off service
  • Potty break
  • Beach or Dog Park Adventure
  • Fresh water rinse down and towel dry
  • Feeding and fresh water (bowls washed)
  • Medication administration and/or supplements
  • Daily wellness check

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