15 Jan

Contributed by Jin Park, 9 to 5 Pets

Make a resolution to learn something new with your canine babies because January is National Train Your Dog Month! The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) began their campaign to raise awareness about the importance of proper pet training and healthy socialization to a dog’s wellbeing. January was the perfect choice for this campaign because so many dogs are adopted around the holidays and unfortunately, many of those dogs are given up to animal shelters soon after.

Proper training improves the bond between you and your dog by allowing you to build trust and mutual respect. It also allows more time to be spent with your dog and can help eliminate negative behavioral issues. Most importantly, proper training can enhance safety for you and your dog. Remember, a happy dog is a trained dog!

Here are 3 ways you can celebrate National Train Your Dog Month this year:

1. Teach a new trick!
Whether you’re teaching the basics (sit, down, or stay) or new fun tricks like rolling over, make training a part of your everyday life with your dog.

2. Set a date!
In January, reserve a weekly evening for your dog. Go for a walk, to the beach or dog park, or even cuddle up on the couch.

3. Get your community involved!
Take to social media and share your dog’s training accomplishments and challenges with other dog lovers and pup parents to build a better dog training community.

Happy training!

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